Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions/

Acceptance of orders shall be subject to the following conditions only. Order acknowledgment shall be considered as acknowledgment of our terms of delivery and business. Deviating terms and conditions as well as supplements are only valid if they are expressly and in writing confirmed by us.

1. Prices

Verbal and written price offers become binding only after written confirmation of the order. Prices, which are produced by our offer on the Internet, are only valid through our review to valid offers. Prices are only indicative prices until the final valid data are received.

2. Rights to objects of the customer

The customer declares that he has all the necessary rights (ownership, copyright, patent law, etc.) to the devices, parts or data (“objects”) to be processed for him and therefore bears sole responsibility for possible infringements. The purchaser shall indemnify us against all claims of third parties for infringement of rights in connection with the goods delivered by him.

3. Delivery

A) The shipment is not free at the risk of the customer. If the customer does not specify in writing, the shipping method is freely chosen by us. Shipment delayed deliveries do not entitle to complaints, acceptance refusals or invoice reductions, even if the production or delivery was ordered with express surcharges.
B) If the collection has been agreed by the Purchaser in deviation from a), the original and goods are handed over without checking the authorization of the pick-up. Claims from the handing over to an unauthorized person can not be derived.
C) Agreed delivery times shall be observed in the best possible way. Can we, for reasons which we are not responsible, Strike, war, operational disturbances, traffic hindrances, lack of energy and raw material, delays in delivery or failures of third parties, do not fulfill the delivery obligation, we are entitled to change the dates in an appropriate manner. The purchaser shall not be entitled to any discounts or claims for damages. We will inform the buyer about delivery delays as soon as possible. Delivery times exceeding or delayed delivery do not entitle the purchaser to withdraw from the contract or to refuse acceptance.

4. Transfer of risk

The risk passes to the customer when the goods leave our premises.

5. Warranty

A) Even with the greatest care, deviations with regard to the material quality, the tone, the dimensions and the like may occur in the manufacturing processes used by us, which must therefore be reserved. When work is performed, the correct settings for the systems are guaranteed. Dimensional differences caused by shrinkage or expansion of the materials used or by the geometry of the data remain reserved. For changes which subsequently occur by external influences (weather, light, moisture and the like) are only liable to the extent that these are due to improper work. If parts are delivered according to designs or data of the customer, the warranty is limited to the fact that the delivered parts have been executed according to the offered documents. No warranty is assumed for suitability for the purpose intended by the customer or for other uses. For work which is unusable due to material or workmanship errors, free replacement will be delivered. Parts ordered by the Purchaser shall also be supplied free of charge for replacement deliveries free of charge. Additional claims are excluded.
B) The manufacture of components is always at the risk of the customer. Claims for damages due to defective components are also excluded in case of injury to life, body or health.
C) In case of justified complaints, we are free to rework the delivered goods or to supply replacement parts. Replacement deliveries are always made in normal delivery time. In the event of failure of the supplementary performance, the customer may, at his discretion, reduce or withdraw from the contract.
D) Our obligation to recognize complaints shall cease for any partial processing of the delivered goods without our prior written consent, unless the alleged defect could have arisen through the further processing. Additional costs for troubleshooting, which arise as a result of further processing, shall be borne by the customer.

6. Notice of defect and release

A) Notice of defects must be notified to us immediately, but at the latest within 8 days after receipt of the goods. If a complaint proves to be justified, we will provide free replacement by repair or replacement. Any further claims of the buyer of any kind are excluded.
Defects that arise due to the fact that we do not have any known requirements or regulations (eg tolerances, functional areas, measurement protocol etc., dates for subsequent processes) are not part of the offer as well as delivery and therefore unfounded.
B) Part deliveries accepted without notice of defect are equivalent with a release for the remaining delivery or reordering of the components in the same embodiment. Defects in remnant deliveries and re-orders are therefore unfounded if these deficiencies in the advance delivery were not accepted.

7. Property reservation

All delivered goods shall remain our property until all claims against the customer have been fulfilled. If the delivered goods are combined with other goods, the retention of title continues with the newly created item.

8. Payment

Invoices are payable immediately upon receipt of the goods without any deduction, unless other payment terms have been agreed in writing.

9. Jurisdiction

The place of fulfillment and the place of jurisdiction shall be the place of business if the purchaser is a merchant or has his registered office abroad.

10. Ineffectiveness

If individual provisions of these terms of delivery and business are invalid, the contract and these conditions remain valid. In order to replace the ineffective provisions, regulations are made which are as close as possible to the desired purpose.