IFA3D – the prcess

Every custom-made solution starts with raw data. These may consist of medical imaging methods such as DVT (Digital Volume Tomography), CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography), MRT (Magnetic Resonance Tomography) or a thin-film CT (Computed Tomogram).

This data is then converted into our software format and further processed for printing. The printer is then providing the demanded three-dimensional parts. Depending on the given requirements we use three different printing technologies. The printers we use are 2Polyjet machines with an accuracy of up to 16 microns; DLP (Digital Light Projection) printers with an accuracy of 50 microns; As well as two FDM (Fused Deposit Material) printers with an accuracy of about 100 microns.

Polyjet technology is our primarily used printing method. This type of technology provides ready-touse functional patterns and allows to print with biocompatible materials.